Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You CAN Change the World

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about today's topic for a few days. Over the weekend I participated in a discussion about whether or not an individual can really change the world. When I insisted that each of us does indeed have the power to effect real change, I was challenged to show how I, myself, had changed the world. I startled my questioner by offering a list. A list I decided I would share with you as well.

How I Have Changed the World:

1. I have beaten the odds by aging out of foster care and going on to graduate college rather than becoming a criminal or drug/alcohol addict.
2. I have encouraged and counseled other survivors.
3. I have spoken out on behalf of children and women whenever possible.
4. I have spoken to those I care about when I see the potential for abuse in their lives.
5. Most importantly, I have broken the cycle of abuse, giving my children a healthy life. Who knows how many lives they will go on to positively affect.

I have not shared this list to show how wonderful I am. Trust me, I am all too aware of my failings. I have shared this list because we often forget how even little things can make a huge difference. Think about it. Have you ever encouraged someone who is struggling? Perhaps that act of caring was enough to remind them that they matter, and prevent them from taking their own life. Have you been concerned that a friend is being abused by her boyfriend and spoken to her about your concerns? Are you an Adult Survivor struggling to make sure your children grow up in a healthy home? All of these things are ways YOU have changed the world.

Lastly, if you are currently a victim, or suspect you know someone is being abused, you have the opportunity to change the world right now. Please seek help today, whether for you, your children, or anyone else you know. We never know just how we can change the world around us, but we do know that it is possible!

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  1. "at times i do think, that maybe i can change them....but if you're out to change the world, the thing that you should do, is first to make the change in YOU"

    change yourself and you can change the world!